The wedding planning, designing, and styling service, for the modern, yet eternally classic bride. For those that are style conscious, and love a sophisticated aesthetic. We are the artists and advisors behind the biggest party of your life. Creating romantic and sentimental moments, that are sure to be remembered.

Behind The Nuptial Collective brand is director, Brittany Carruthers-Clements Dulic, an experienced event organiser, stylist, and fully qualified accountant to ensure your budget is not compromised. Brittany's keen eye for detail, thorough organisation, and love for beautiful aesthetics, will ensure no element is overlooked.

Our approach:
We are here to create magic. We want your big day to be the best representation of you as a couple, and we leave no stone unturned in doing so. We are experience focused, ensuring all elements of the wedding are special for everyone involved. Along the way, we ensure the process is relaxing for our couples, while we take the lead to ensure your day exceeds all expectations.